Welcome to SustArt!

SustArt promotes sustainability through art and creativity.  At events around the country we hope to start conversations about sustainability.


Each show will create an interactive and developing work of art interpreting visitor’s thoughts and ambitions regarding a specific sustainability question i.e. “What is your key sustainability ambition for the next year?” / “What green technology do you think it the most important?”, “What actions can you take to be more sustainable?” The artists will interpret the answers to the questions and create enormous pieces of artwork at each show.

At some events we will be taking time-lapse pictures as the artwork develops during the event recording the development.

Local students from Universities and colleges will be encouraged to get involved and at each event vox pop interviews will be undertaken with visitors to the show by the students.  These interviews will then be interspersed into the time lapse photos to produce a final 2-3 minute film showing the interpretation of sustainability into art – bringing sustainability to life.

Check out our events page to see what we have been up to!

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