Who we are

Who we are

The momentum behind SustArt was created by two sustainability professionals Charlie and Joe, who have repeatedly seen organisations and people reject a more sustainable way of life on the grounds that it is too hard or too difficult to achieve.

They both work for SustainIt who are sustainability data experts, and have performed extensive work with an array of corporate clients on managing sustainability data, setting out sustainability targets and building an engaged atmosphere in which sustainability initiatives can thrive. For SustainIt who are currently the lead sponsors, this project is an opportunity to allow sustainability experts to share innovative initiatives and for the general public to begin to see how accessible sustainability can be.

We hope that everyone experiencing SustArt will feel that our and the Planet’s sustainability has become a more attainable goal.

Through these events we hope that people will understand that there are changes they can make and by making it bright, creative and engaging we hope that they can take something home at the end of the day which will help us all.

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